Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Work At Home Jobs : Is it for you?

What is work at home jobs?  Wikipedia describes this as  :
Telecommuting, e-commuting, e-work, telework, working from home (WFH), or working at home (WAH) is a work arrangement in which employees enjoy flexibility in working location and hours. In other words, the daily commute to a central place of work is replaced by telecommunication links. Many work from home, while others, occasionally also referred to as nomad workers or web commuters utilize mobile telecommunications technology to work from coffee shops or myriad other locations.

I used to work abroad and decided to come back home to be with my kids.  Unfortunately, Philippines is one of those countries that could be biased with age when it comes to jobs.  So, armored with whatever knowledge I have in outsourcing, I decided to look for a work at home job.  Surprisingly, I got a nice work at home job a week after I got back from abroad, giving me a firm reason to finally decide to stay for good. 

Question, is work at home jobs for you? The key to working at home is time management.  In my own opinion, as a first time stay at home mom, it was difficult for me to just sit in front of the computer when there are tons of chores around you.  Or when the kids are overwhelmed with ideas and can't wait to share them with you.  Balancing time is essential otherwise, you would end up sacrificing either the tasks you need to do at work or the chores that needs to be done.  

Work at home jobs could sometimes be boring and would turn out to be a routine.  I would suggest that when the kids are in school, take some time to work in a coffee shop to change the atmosphere and the feel of your work.  It would give you a new environment and a new drive.  It works for me, I'm sure it would work for you.  

The most important tip I could give you is --- be brave enough to try new things.  Being traditional and conventional isn't bad but learning and opening yourself to new things and technology might be of benefit to you.  Be positive.  Work at home jobs works for a lot of people out there.  There are tons of high paying work at home jobs.  Be brave, be open --- you'll enjoy it.   

The perks of work at home jobs --- more time with your family, more time with your kids, the ability to go out anytime you want.  You can go on a vacation anywhere and anytime because you can actually take your job with you.  What more can you ask for? So, whether you are looking for a full time or a part time job, there is always a work at home jobs for you. 

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  1. hi can you give me sites that offer " work at home" opportunities? pls...thanks