Saturday, March 27, 2010

Durian Jam (in Thailand it's called Durian Guan)

Davao City is famous for its DURIAN. Most of my friends love it -- some don't. I would say, I'm in the middle. I'm not a huge fan of durian. I hate the smell of it but don't get me wrong, I would eat a lot when I'm craving for it.

Lately, my Dad's farm is producing too many durian that I need to find a way to preserve them instead of throwing them away. I surfed the internet and found this recipe for Durian Jam (Durian Guan). I've tried making it and it's just mouth-watering.  Try it --- happy jam (guan) making.

Durian Jam (Guan) from Joy's Thai food
1/2 kg. Ripe durian (pick the one that is very ripe)
8 tbsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
Cooking Instructions:
1. Mix durian and sugar into the pan. Use low heat and stir until it gets thick.
2. Notice when you stick your finger on it, it won’t get on your finger.
The durian meat which is too ripe will have some juice that will help the jam not to get burn on the stove. Anyway, keep stirring and always use low heat.
Hard work, :) you will get a big arm muscle as a benefit.
3. When it is ready. Leave it cool off and pack in a container.



  1. Hi! My mother just bought a tub of durian spread, orginally manufactured in Singapore, and everyone loved it. I've been surfing for a recipe that I can preserve. Do you know if this recipe can be processed for canning?

    Durian fan!

  2. hi amy, thanks for dropping by. i am not pretty sure if this recipe is good for canning. but what i can assure you, this is a very good recipe and everytime i make jam, everyone just loves it.

    have a pleasant day.

  3. hi, i would like to know how long is the shelf life of durian jam. thanks.

  4. Hi anonymous,
    Thank you for stopping by. I am not pretty sure how long the shelf life is for this recipe. But I know that it can last more than a couple of weeks when refrigerated.

    Have a good day to you.