Monday, October 4, 2010

Learn What You Can

I am 39 years old.  For younger generation, 39 is considered to be old.  For the older ones, they think 39 years old is still young.  Sometimes, that really sounds silly ---

Despite the age, I never stopped myself in learning new things.  Guess what I am up to again right now?  Kickboxing!

Yeah, it sure does hurt at first.  I haven’t realized I have dormant muscles for a long time and it sure hurts after the first two sessions.  But do you know what’s nice though?  It’s the ability to be out there and move.  And I can sure move like someone in her early 20s. 

Aside from sports and fitness, I am learning new things on how to upgrade myself in the world of outsourcing.  I am learning more tools.  Aside from gaining the knowledge of the how-to’s --- it exercises my own patience.  It is difficult to challenge one’s patience.  Try it and you’ll definitely understand what I’m talking to. 

I am on the techie side of things because of my interest in computers, the internet and gadgets.  Learning how to use a software or installing a complicated one really is something that would test my willpower and patience.  Teaching another person how to do it is another one.  The positive aspects and gains of it all ----- fulfillment. 

I feel that I am smarter and better than the rest simply because I never stop learning anything.  I don’t brag about it – it’s a fulfillment I love telling myself (which sometimes worth giving my own self a pat on the shoulder). 

Learn new things --- look at life differently --- learn and live.