Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon : A Good Watch!

My daughters and I were looking for something to do yesterday when we decided to watch a movie.  My eldest daughter declared to treat her little sister to a 3D movie (250 PHP) as a reward for being helpful to both of us.  Oh by the way, I work at home and my daughter is working as a part time email generator.  Since she got her first ever paycheck for the week (she earns 1,500 PHP for 20 hours a week work), she decided to treat her sister and I to the movies.

We all decided to watch the 3D movie, How To Train Your Dragon.  EAM and I had experienced 3D and 4D when we were in the US in 2008.  So this will be the first time that KIM would experience watching 3D and yes you bet, she enjoyed every bit of it.  

The movie effects and the graphics were amazing.  I have to admit, I enjoyed it as much as they did.  I felt like a young kid all over again -- What I loved most about the story was the morale of the story.  The 
lesson that is being conveyed was very nice.  I don't want to burst the bubble of excitement for those who haven't watched the movie so I would not go into exact detail.  This movie is a good movie to watch with the entire family.  Take your kids -- enjoy it with them -- feel great and feel young again.


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