Thursday, August 26, 2010

4th Runner Up Miss Universe Venus Raj

4th Runner Up Miss Universe Venus Raj
August 24, 2010 -- I was up early that day to witness the live coverage of the Miss Universe 2010. Just like every Filipino, I was hoping that Ms. Venus Raj, the country’s representative would take home the crown. Ms Raj journey to Miss Universe has been full of trials and controversies making her very famous and an item to each and every household.

I turned the TV on and turned on my laptop to check my daily emails and update my facebook. Right after I have posted a shout out saying that I’m watching Ms. U – I am getting more updated details of the MsU coverage so I tried to watch an online coverage instead.

Venus has been a crowd favorite. Well not to mention a huge crowd of Filipino supporters in Las Vegas that night – she was one of the candidates that stood out. Aside from Miss Philippines, I was also rooting for Miss Jamaica.

Venus made it to top 5 – enough for every Filipino to be proud of her.  Unfortunately, most of the people were not satisfied of her answer.  Because of that, she became a talk of the town and people in every corner of the country are not saying good things about her because of frustration. She could have been the next Miss Universe.    

My personal reaction to what happened was posted to my facebook account.  I find it difficult to understand why people has to blame her.  This was my posted shout out where I got so many comments.  
 just a thought : if there was one person who wanted to win the title so bad - it was her - the pressure was not easy to handle- so give her a break - she deserves the applause and even a standing ovation not endless criticisms - if that was you, i bet you can't even make it to the final 15. (Peace and love!)

Different people has various reactions.  However, what's good about what happened is that Venus gained instant popularity (more popular than Miss Mexico).  Anyway, Miss Venus Raj -- you did well.  I give you a well-deserved applause and a standing ovation.  Philippines is proud of you.

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