Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TRUST YOURSELF -- especially when no one else believes in you.

It was in 1978 when this movie came out.  I was eight-years-old then.  I'm guessing it was the first-ever full-length movie I've watched.  I fell in-love with the movie.  It has always been in  my favorite movie list.
And who would ever forget the famous soundtrack, "Looking Through The Eyes of Love by Melissa Manchester?  Being so much of a fan, this song was my first ever piano recital piece and my song piece when I joined a singing contest in school.  

Since then,  I have been a huge fan of the sport of figure skating.  Unfortunately, I have never had the chance to learn the sport.  I never had the courage to wear skates (blades or roller-blades).  I guess, I'm too wimpy to do so.

Plot Summary courtesy of Wikipedia  :
"Alexis "Lexie" Winston (Lynn-Holly Johnson) is a young girl from a small town who dreams of becoming a champion figure skater. Her high-school sweetheart, Nick (Robby Benson), dreams of being a hockey player.
Lexie enters a regional championship and is discovered by an elite coach (Warren) who sees her potential despite a lack of training and qualifications at an advanced age for figure skaters. Despite initial protests from her father (Tom Skerritt) Lexie moves from her home in Waverly, Iowa to train at the legendary Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is not well received by the other girls because of the attention lavished on her natural talent, but she proves herself and qualifies for the next level. Lexie's life is drastically changed; she becomes a star, alienates her high school sweetheart, and she begins dating an older man.
One night, while skating, Lexie tried coming down after trying another triple axle and her skate caught on the metal bar between the tables and ice where she tripped and fell into the tables and chairs and hit her head on the middle bar of a table. This accident causes her to lose her sight due to a blood clot in her brain. In the midst of feeling sorry for herself, she and Nick rediscover their love for each other. With help from Nick, her father Marcus and original coach Beulah, Lexie begins to realize that she can still fulfill her dreams."

Things I have learned in this movie, is to TRUST YOURSELF when nobody else believes in you.    Self-pity has no place in this world.  NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.  Allow me to share with you part of this movie.  Of course, it is the best part of all (when she was skating blind and no one else knows except for her family and her boyfriend).  

Recently, they made a remake of this movie.  Comparing the original from the new one, I'd say I still love how they've made the first one.  I have watched this new version of Ice Castles with my kids.  Like me, they have loved the movie.  We all ended up crying after the movie.  I strongly recommend that you watch this movie. ( a box of tissue would be handy).  Both versions if you can. 

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  1. Thank you for bringing back some great memorys